Obesity and children

Obesity and children

An increasing number of children are coming to terms with being labelled obese but how do we approach the topic with parents and children who are dangerously overweight? These children are at a much greater risk of developing serious conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Supposedly, one third of those who experience coronary heart disease develop it due to their excessive body weight.  Signs of heart disease are reported in young children as well as adults and the numbers are on the increase. In addition, it is thought that the present generation of children will not outlive their parents.

Preventing Obesity in Children

If you are overweight when young and then lose weight and eventually grow into an adult with a body mass index that would be considered healthy, it is still thought that the long term effects of this excess in weight will remain and affect one for the rest of their lives.

Thousands of studies have been published in the International Journal of Obesity over the years and recently this research was analysed. There was a hopeful finding despite the fact that long term conditions were noted in that the long term effects were also reversible.

Childhood overweight and obesity

Health professionals have recently been urged not to call overweight children obese and rather, ‘unhealthy weighing’, nor should the term obese be used when speaking to parents about their children. It is thought that this will maintain a parent’s realistic attitude towards the health of their children.

Sometimes children do not know what is making them fat. Really they should only be eating what is deemed absolutely necessary. Cutting out fat is number one and will also give them more energy. It is once again all down to the teaching.


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