Treatments for Acute Whiplash Injuries

Treatments for Acute Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is not a medical term and it generally refers to the injuries of the neck. These injuries mainly occur when your neck gets bended suddenly. That can also be associated with extension. Whiplash is more often considered to be a self-limited physical condition. That is why whiplash is expected to be cured eventually if you follow some minimal or basic treatment.

Whiplash injuries can be divided into two parts acute or chronic whiplashes. Acute whiplashes are more often short-lived. There are other types of whiplashes cases that have bothersome symptoms. These symptoms are mostly long lasting and more often are very severe. Whiplash injuries that last for more than six months are identified as late whiplash syndromes or chronic whiplashes. Treatments for acute and chronic whiplashes are drawn up below.

Acute whiplash:

According to researches, if you are experiencing severe pain when you got the injured and later keep on experiencing a whole range of symptoms, chances are good that it will take more time for you to recover. That is why people suffering from these types of symptoms are generally more at risk for developing chronic whiplash.

As far as treatment goes, no concrete studies have been carried out to prove the best way of treating acute whiplash injuries. But there are some treatments that are pretty common with acute whiplash injuries.


According to the Hadleigh whiplash physicians, being active and continuing with your daily activities are the best way to cure whiplash injuries. A lot of people do the opposite and rest when they get whiplashes. This does more harm than help. You must always try and stay active so that your injured area does not stay in a still mode. Though, you will feel pain moving the injured area, but this will quicken the healing process.


Though there are no medication that will “cure” whiplashes, but with painkillers, you may be able to relieve the pain. Painkillers such as paracetamol are the best. If you are experiencing mild pain, taking this medicine will surely give you some relief from the excruciating pain.

Also, the patients who are dealing with severe cases of whiplashes injuries are sometimes advised to seek the help of a Hadleigh Chiropractor as chiropractics can do wonders for these types of patients.


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